how to invest money in cryptocurrency orderly for making high return

how to invest in cryptocurrency?

I will explain to you how to earn money in crypto and how to invest in crypto with my own experiences. Read my full articles and follow that rules below, and start your side income in cryptocurrency trading.

Short term investment

In short-term investments many types of crypto or coin investments. Day trading, weekly trading monthly trading, quarter-year trading and below-one-year investments. I will explain them one by one below.

1.    day trading.

Most people trying to invest in day trading. This trading buying and selling in one day gap. So we watch every minute of our investment analysis or investment dashboard. Many people do day trading based on watching weekly and monthly analyses, And average market rates.

How to calculate the average price in crypto?

For example, we watch one coin price in a chart. It shows the daily basis lowest and highest price of this coin price. And it shows the current price also. Then we can watch weekly, monthly and yearly. But we make day trading we don’t need yearly analytics. We just using most of the monthly charts to date. Then we compare the monthly overall lowest price to the monthly highest price in today’s current price.

Then we find the common price in this month of this coin, and just predict that is our highest price.  And we compare the current price to we predicted average price. Then we just minus brokerage price. And we compare with that average price. Then we have confidence in this coin to invest in day trading. We invest in that coin. Mainly we analysed daily basis average prices to compare weekly analytics. so we found an average price then we wait for an increasing market price. Then after reaching our coin just sell it. Otherwise, if you are confident in this coin you can continue this investment. But it was risky. I think you understand average day trading tricks.


2.    weekly trading

Weekly trading is risky, but weekly trading gets the best return. Normally some daily traders and experienced traders invest on a weekly trading basis. This is not a SIP investment, Mutual fund etc. cryptocurrency is not guaranteed, but we just predict based on some news and pastanalytics. Already I tell you how to predict the average price in cryptos. So follow the same category, but we find the average price every week. But it’s not working daily predicted prices. We didn’t analyze any prices we faced huge losses. So we need to find what are the weekly average prices. So we need to watch yearly and monthly analysis charts, and we predict the weekly variation of the coin price. But not every coin has daily and weekly basis variations. Some coins vary based on world news, Business news, and investment basis. Sometimes its value falls more than we predicted. And we face more losses. So sometimes we need to wait more than a year too we recover that loss. So it’s risky but we invest on an orderly basis on the news. We didn’t get losses and we get average profits.


3.Monthly trading

Monthly trading is one of the risky investments. Most people do not invest in monthly trading. Or not holding monthly basis their investments. Most people invest in below-weekly trading and long-term investment for more than a year. when we held a monthly basis we invested coins increasing prices continuously and not falling, and some news based like some companies accepting some crypto coins, that time many people investing that coin, so normally that price was increasing so we holding this coin we got most profit more we predicted. Sometimes coming rumours, but it’s not genuine information we face huge losses. We predicted average day price basis investing in crypto and after we hold more than one day, we get back that return after 3-4 days. Not every time, but sometimes it happens. So now you got how to trade daily, weekly and monthly investments in cryptocurrency. And now we learn how to invest in long-term cryptocurrency.

4.Long term investment

One year or more than a year’s investments are called long-term investments. Normally, when we invest in the long term? We have cash, but not been used for some years, so we invest in the long term normally.  Somebody investing for a huge return. Normally everyone chooses long-term investments in bitcoin, Ethereum etc is like that coin. These coins increased prices on a long-term basis, and we got more returns after a year. Normally we didn’t trade daily and we don’t have the trading skills we invest like this long term. But we need to analyze ad choose the right coin to invest in. And we need to collect information about this coin more than analyze a short-term investment. Otherwise, we face huge losses. Normally we trade daily basis and an average of 3 months of trading is more return to long-term investment.

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