UPI transaction daily limit has been reduced

UPI transaction Daily restrict fixed: Big News! UPI transaction cash every day restrict restore via way of means of PhonePe, Gpay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, test right here new restrict

UPI Transaction Limit: In the generation of virtual cash, now humans favor to do on line transactions in preference to cash. Online transactions are growing hastily in countries. There are many folks that pay via UPI as well.

If you furthermore mght pay via UPI, then this information may be very beneficial for you. Do you realize that your financial institution places a transaction restriction on you? You could make bills via the UPI app simplest as much as a restriction. Every financial institution has a day by day restriction for UPI transactions. This method that you may ship or acquire cash simplest as much as a positive quantity in an afternoon.

Apart from this, how a whole lot cash may be despatched or acquired via UPI at one go. Different banks have extraordinary limits in this too. However, there's no want to pay any extra fee for paying a person from those charge apps.

Transaction restriction

According to NPCI guidelines, you may do transactions as much as Rs 1 lakh in an afternoon via UPI. This restriction might also additionally range from financial institution to financial institution. The day by day restriction in Canara Bank is simplest Rs 25,000 even as in SBI the day by day restriction is Rs 1 lakh. Along with the cash switch restriction, there's additionally a restriction at the wide variety of UPI transfers that may be carried out in an afternoon.

The day by day UPI switch restriction has been set at 20 transactions. After the restriction is over, one has to attend for twenty-four hours to resume the restriction. However, extraordinary UPI apps have extraordinary limits. Let’s test now via which app how a whole lot transaction you may do each day.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay has constant the most restriction for making bills via UPI at Rs 1 lakh. After registering on Amazon Pay UPI, customers can transact simplest as much as Rs 5000 withinside the first 24 hours. On the opposite hand, relying at the financial institution, the wide variety of transactions in line with day has been constant at 20.


PhonePe has additionally constant the most quantity restriction of Rs 1 lakh in an afternoon via UPI. Wherein now you can do most 10 or 20 transactions in an afternoon via this app. PhonePe has now no longer constant any hourly transaction restriction.

Google Pay

With Google Pay or Gpay, Indian customers could make bills of up to one lakh via UPI during the day. However, you may do simplest 10 transactions in an afternoon. That is, you may entire 10 transactions of most 10-10 thousand in an afternoon. However, Google Pay has now no longer constant any hourly transaction restriction.


Through Paytm UPI, you may switch simplest Rs 1 lakh in an afternoon. On the opposite hand, now you may switch simplest Rs 20,000 from Paytm in an hour. Through this app, you may do five transactions in an hour and simplest 20 transactions in an afternoon.


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